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                Next-Gen M6 Server Series
                Computing Power

                Integrate Cloud Computing and AI Total Solutions in Your Business

                Leading intelligent computing platforms and solutions

                Building customizable and converged computing platforms with cutting-edge design concepts, and enabling business agility to meet shifting demands.

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                Leading AI solution provider

                At Inspur, we strive to push forward the frontier of AI computing, acclerating the devolopment of the whole AI industry with our global customers. As one of the world’s leading AI solution provider, I...

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                Open InCloud Platform

                Inspur InCloud Platform helps customers to rapidly build smart, highly efficient, user-friendly, and stable digital infrastructures for increasingly complex business environments.

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                What We Deliver

                Rack Servers

                Applicable for virtualization, databases, HPS, big data analysis, AI/DP, memory computing, and CDN.

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                Multi-node Servers

                Suitable for hyper convergence, big data analysis, HPC, distributed storage solution and other application scenarios

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                Rack-Scale Systems

                Suitable for virtualization, big data analysis, distributed storage solution, and other application scenarios

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                Open InCloud Platform

                Openness, converged, security, and intelligent

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                08 31,2021

                Inspur Surges To #1 in Enterprise SSD Storage Performance, Topping Hua...

                San Jose, Calif., Aug. 27, 2021 – Inspur, a leading IT infrastructure solution provider, announced today that it has won the Storage Performance Council's (SPC) highest ranking with its prem...

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                08 04,2021

                Open Compute Project Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Release of Open ...

                SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 4, 2021 – Recently, the Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation celebrated its first decade at the third OCP China Day 2021, hosted by Inspur Information,

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                07 21,2021

                Inspur's Distributed Storage Ranks First in SPC-1 Benchmark Test

                he Storage Performance Council (SPC) released the latest SPC-1 benchmark test report. Inspur's distributed storage AS13000G5 achieved a result of 6,300,529 IOPS (read and write operations pe...

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                March 21-24, 2022

                2022 GTC Spring

                / Online

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                March 22-24

                Cloudfest 2022

                Rust, Germany

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                Nov. 9-10, 2022

                Bosch Connected World 2022

                Berlin / online

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                Why Inspur

                • OVERALL SOLUTIONS
                  FOR AI CLOUD EDGE

                  We provide you overall solutions of IT infrastructure including server, storage,etc, also the Leading…

                • JOINT DESIGN

                  Unique Agile business model to deliver customized products efficiently.

                • RAPID NPI

                  Transform your product vision into reality.

                • OPEN INNOVATION

                  Innovation led by an ethos of open collaboration.

                • GLOBALIZATION &

                  World class production capabilities, worldwide.Deploy seamlessly around the world.

                • TRUSTED SUPPLY

                  Transparency and security to deliver products you can trust.

                • SCALABILITY

                  We are a reliable partner that you can grow together.

                • ENVIRONMENT-
                  FRIENDLY DATA
                  CENTER SOLUTIONS

                  Help you building sustainable and high-efficient data centers.